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Top Pricing Tactics for Selling Your Home

Dale Story

Working closely with the other half of The Story Team, Dale loves the overall analysis of properties and he is good at it! Whether Ranch/Acreage, Resi...

Working closely with the other half of The Story Team, Dale loves the overall analysis of properties and he is good at it! Whether Ranch/Acreage, Resi...

Apr 1 1 minutes read

Setting the right price is foundational to a successful home sale. It's a strategy game that requires balancing market expectations with your personal goals. Here we detail three time-tested pricing strategies that could revolutionarily impact your sale, catering to a wide-ranging audience with insights into their effectiveness amid current market trends.

Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) offers a deep dive into the local market, analyzing similar recently sold properties to pinpoint a competitive price for your home. This technique emphasizes finding a price point reflective of current trends, factoring in size, location, condition, and other unique attributes.


  • Data-Backed Pricing: CMAs rely on recent sales data, offering an objective method to determine your home’s market value.
  • Market Relevance: Aligning your pricing with comparable sales enhances your property’s appeal, heightening interest among qualified buyers.
  • Confidence Boost: A professionally conducted CMA lends credibility to your asking price, benefiting both seller and buyer.


  • Limited Perspective: CMAs might not fully account for unique home features or swift market shifts that could influence your property’s value.
  • Potential for Variability: The interpretation of data can differ among professionals, potentially affecting your pricing strategy.
  • Market Volatility: In fast-moving markets, CMAs may need frequent updates to stay relevant.

Price Below Market Value to Encourage Quick Offers

Strategically setting your home’s price below market value can attract a broader pool of buyers, aiming to quicken sale proceedings through a perception of unmatched value. This tactic hopes to incite a bidding war, thus elevating the final sale price.


  • Buyer Attention: A lower price can quickly draw interest, potentially translating into more showings and offers.
  • Swift Transactions: Homes priced for value tend to spend less time on the market, moving quickly from listing to sale.
  • Competitive Offers: Stimulating interest through value pricing can lead to multiple offers, possibly driving the price above your initial listing.


  • Risk of Underpricing: Setting the price too low may result in immediate, but undervalued, offers.
  • Quality Concerns: Buyers might suspect issues at a lower price, questioning the property's worth.
  • Negotiation Power: A below-market listing price might signal seller urgency, potentially weakening your bargaining position.

Set a Higher Price for Negotiation Leeway

Starting with a list price above market value offers wiggle room for negotiations, allowing you to adjust according to buyer offers while aiming to maintain a profitable bottom line. This approach appeals to those seeking quality, potentially attracting offers from buyers willing to pay for superior features.


  • Luxury Appeal: A higher listing price may attract a premium audience, willing to invest in perceived value.
  • Negotiation Advantage: By listing higher, you can cater to buyer requests without dipping below your target sale price.
  • Market Buffer: An elevated starting price can offset market unpredictability and related sale expenses.


  • Browsing Limitations: An ambitious price may alienate a segment of the buyer market, visible as unrealistic.
  • Longer Listings: Homes priced optically higher often take longer to sell, potentially deterring buyer interest as they sit on the market.
  • Appraisal Hurdles: Negotiated prices well above appraisal can complicate financing for buyers, risking the sale.

Choosing the perfect pricing strategy for your home is an art form, blending market savvy with personal selling objectives. Whether adopting a data-focused approach via CMA, seeking rapid results through value pricing, or playing the long game with a higher start, each method has intricacies worth considering. By allying with a real estate expert, you can navigate these waters with informed confidence, optimizing your property's market journey.

Eager to explore the best approach for your property? Reach out today. Our team stands ready to guide you through selecting and implementing the ideal pricing strategy, ensuring your home selling venture culminates in success.

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